Combining the passions for sound and for business creation.

At the age of forty-four, Michael created the company Art Digital et Numérique (ADN) with his friend Tarik. ADN specialises in designing Hi-Fi audio equipment. Creating his own company had been a leitmotiv for Michael for several years and it had to be in the field of audio!

Michael started his career in London in 1995 working for Motorola, staying five years at their EMEA HQ. In 1999 he got married and was working as the right-hand-man to the Corporate Finance Manager when he was given the opportunity to develop the new Motorola Research Centre (Centre de Recherche Motorola-CRM) at Paris Saclay, as Manager of Finance and Development. Michael particularly enjoyed working in a research environment. For four years CRM was heavily involved in the European projects FP5 and FP6, and grew from 30 to 100 employees.

Between 2000 and 2008 Michael became a father to 3 children, he also became Sector Management Controller then Internal Audit Manager for Europe and the Middle East with Motorola. But all this was still a far cry from creating his own company. Michael was looking for small business experience, which is why he declined Motorola's offer to join their US Revenue Recognition team, choosing instead to join a small team of 10 people as the Financial Manager for Editions Fabbri, a subsidiary of the Italian group RCS. It was here he met his future business partner Tarik, (guitarist and electronic acoustics expert in his spare time), who was working as coordinator for the Information Systems Department for the Flammarion group.

Their impassioned discussions at the coffee machine reminded Michael of the evenings he used to organise with friends when he was younger. Together Tarik and Michael would discuss the research centre, internet tablets, tube amps and the future of electronic audio...They both shared the same outlook when it came to sound and, gradually, their conversations developed into plans to create a company.

In 2012, Michael left the RCS group to create the French subsidiary of Spanish editions RBA, taking on the role of Director of Finances and Administration. From its second year the company was making a turnover of 28 million euros. Throughout this period the business plan for ADN was developing and the number of prototypes multiplied. Their project was met with enthusiasm whenever they presented it, which was a tremendous motivation for the two young entrepreneurs. It was slowly becoming a reality...

Tarik and Michael decided to go for it, ADN was created to launch its first product.