At forty-something, father of two, Tarik decided to set up a business creating Hi-Fi products with his friend Michael. "Hi-Fi" (High Fidelity) is a perfect description of Tarik's passion for restoring music electronically: when he was just 10 years old he took his father's audio cassette player apart to understand "how it worked". He couldn't put it back together again afterwards...but by the following year he could repair anything that could be repaired! His father's old 4 track recorder, his uncle's amplifier, his mother's television...the flea market in Montreuil was an absolute goldmine for him!

With so many accomplishments, his thirst for knowledge led Tarik to carry out his own research. Reading the magazine "L'Electronique pratique" (Practical Electronics) opened the realm of electronic creation to him: making a "KITT-like" LED chaser (as in the series Knight Rider), a small self-directing robot, a CPL interphone, an (almost) Hi-Fi amplifier...at just twelve years old he was already teaching his classmates computing!

Tarik's natural curiosity led him to develop other interests and soon any spare time he had was being spent on computers, photography (developing his own black and white prints) or music. He was convinced that one day these art forms would be managed by computers and electronics.

In 1989, at the age of 16, this theory led him to build his first computer with the money he had earned at a summer job. He fitted the computer with a sound card linked to his Akai amplifier, which in turn was linked to a Thorens turntable and he made his first musical recording by computer "Carmina Burana – Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi ». This proved what he had always known: computing and electronics are at the heart of multimedia!

It was therefore a natural choice for Tarik to take a Baccalauréat in electronics - he even set up a cinema in the amphitheatre of his school, (with a three-tube video projector and surround sound) and he went on to create and run the school's cinema club. At the same time he learnt to play the guitar (mainly teaching himself) and he created a band, performing in pubs. Tarik continued to make Hi-Fi amplifiers and home cinema PCs for himself, his family and friends.

With a 'BTS' qualification in sales, he then spent three years working for Spak-Systems and Magarama, designing and selling made to measure computers for audio and video acquisition and simulation gaming. He went on to work in professional computing and managing IT networks before joining the Flammarion group. It was there, as CIO coordinator that he met Michael in 2008. Their lengthy discussions at the coffee machine soon led to friendship. United by their shared view of sound, their ideas developed into projects before becoming actual prototypes. In October 2015, free of other professional obligations, they finally created their own startup: Art Digital et Numérique.